The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is Two Cars In One

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is everything you are looking for in a spacious minivan hybrid. With an affordable starting price and a seamless transition between gas and electric power, the Pacifica Hybrid is the first-ever American minivan hybrid.

With a range of 488 gas miles and 32 electric miles, you won't be finding yourself at a gas station very often. Not only that, if you buy a Pacifica Hybrid you might be eligible for a federal tax credit of $7500. Using the 240-volt Mopar charger you can easily charge your Pacifica Hybrid in only two hours, to silently pick the kids up from soccer practice without the sound of the motor. Plus, with regenerative braking, the Pacifica Hybrid is able to capture braking power in order to recharge the car's battery. How cool is that?

Be hip with the times, take your kids and gear along using electricity, and help keep the environment clean by taking Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid for a test drive.

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