Powerful and Fast Drive in the Dodge Durango SUV

The Dodge Durango is a performance-oriented sport utility vehicle that's sold by Tri-Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Blairsville in Blairsville, PA. When you browse the lineup of this robust car, you'll see the Citadel, R/T, GT Plus and several other models that have powerful capabilities.

A limited-slip differential is available for the Dodge Durango's rear axle. When the vehicle loses traction on a slippery road, this electronic differential diverts all available torque to one of the rear wheels. Consequently, the rapid increase of torque allows the car to regain balance and stability in tough conditions.

Featuring seven driving modes, the Selec-Trac technology delivers best-in-class handling. The Snow Mode optimizes traction in the winter season, and the Track Mode boosts acceleration on a highway with limited traffic. You can engage the Valet Mode for a smooth and comfortable cruise at medium and low speeds. The ECO Mode reduces wasteful combustion under the hood of this powerful American SUV.

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